New skylights help to save heating energy facade, window, or roof: long ago, it is no longer a secret, that often valuable heating energy is lost at the old House over leaks and the completely unnecessary. As with simple means to avoid thermal bridges and increases the energy efficiency of the building envelope. “Is a great way to upgrade the roof cladding in hindsight, for example the replacement of old roof window against new: to improve not only the heat protection under the roof with a roof window replacement, but can achieve even a higher light output”, experts of Dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing know. About the saved heat and lower CO2 emissions pleasure for both man and nature. “Benchmark for energy efficiency: the U-value decisive in the choice of the new roof window is first and foremost the so-called U-value”, the heat transfer coefficient. Where: the lower this value, the better the Thermal insulation.

This modern window solutions about wooden or plastic models with triple glazing and inert gas filling far below the minimum standards prescribed in the EnEV 2009. For an excellent thermal insulation around the roof window also complete packages offered in part, composed of Energiesparfenstern, flashing, and the corresponding set of dam. So that the new window can be optimally connected to the roof, the experts dach.de recommend generally, to replace the roof window element with inner lining. Can be effectively avoid thermal bridges, improves the tightness and the energy requirements in full. Due to their high energy efficiency heating operation and thus the emission of environmentally carbon dioxide can be therefore with new skylights significantly reduced. Rules of thumb for window surfaces note the skylight Exchange is, regardless of the manufacturer, for almost all types of Windows easily and usually within one day completed. Also offers is the opportunity to enlarge the window areas and to achieve a higher light output in the roof space.

Two rules of thumb apply to the size of the window area: all window widths should be 55% of the width of the housing together. The length of the window depends on the slope of the roof: the lower the roof pitch, the longer the window should. So that enough natural light in the attic can fall, it also depends on the position of the roof window. The top edge of the window should be at least two metres, the lower edge at least 90 centimeters above the ground. Comfortable living with large skylights for a still higher light yield and extravagant flair in the attic can be expanded the roof window with additional elements. Roofs with knee stock such as the installation of window surfaces lends itself well to perpendicular to the floor. Parent first glazed, at the height of the roof gable meet the window, the window area is going upwards, expand and create a breathtaking view towards the sky. Next to a lit, exclusive atmosphere, new skylights bring a further positive effect: thanks to the new, specially-designed lining can roofs without Abseite the hot air rising of a radiator freely circulate on the window pane and condensed moisture. The result: less even no condensation on the window and every day a sheer look outside. For more information see. Contact: sturm@drang AG Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg contact person: Evelyn afraid T.: + 49 (0) 821 567 62 88 F.: + 49 (0) 821-567 62 87 E-Mail:

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