After this fast hug himself with his hands, making a deep breath, then quickly exhale through the mouth and make a motion with his hands as if you want to fly. The entire set of exercises, repeat 3-4 times. Energizing You can now go to water procedures. Douches will charge you with energy for the day. And to enhance the spiritual and physical potential are encouraged to 'moon power shower'. Stand up straight, heels together, legs slightly bent at the knees. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine that you embosom huge ball, keeping his bottom hand (palm up).

Now imagine that instead of the ball in your hands a huge glowing moon. Feel it energy slowly penetrates through your fingers. Take a deep breath and slowly raise your arms, moving the imaginary moon-to-face to the forehead. Now gently lower the ball to the level of lunar abdomen and exhale. Mentally concentrated in the hands of the lunar energy, put his hand on the navel.

Then wash the moonlight, holding hands across the face, neck and hair. The perfect start to the day glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit or orange juice – best with what it takes to start a new day. Just drink the juice needed immediately, as part of the vitamin is rapidly destroyed. Tonic effect of morning tea can be enhanced by adding to it a bit (on the tip of a knife) red pepper or nutmeg (powder). Contained in these condiments useful substance capsaicin not only improves the metabolism, but also uplifting. Instead of sugar in your tea in this case it is better to add the honey. If vitamin drinks you were able to stock up on autumn leaves, raspberries, currants and cranberries, but now they'll come in handy. The leaves are mixed in equal parts with the hips and two tablespoons of the mixture brewed cup of boiling water.

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