The fluency in English increases our professional security and makes us more competitive to enable expanding our employment opportunities to international clients. Believe me, sooner or later in the life of a freelancer, the dominance of English represents the difference between sucking or not, to a large project. Build your own web site Ok, you already have your portfolio perfectly organized and keep a printed copy of the, that’s fine, but not compared to the performance you can achieve when presenting it on your own web site. Show your online portfolio to facilitate the way in which your potential customers can see your work, enough with a notice email or give them a business card so they can see your complete work. Some of the virtues of presenting your portfolio of work online are: reducing costs, not be required to deliver a printed copy to each prospective customer. Easily update your portfolio with the new works.

Possibility of developing a massive exhibition campaign. Your offer of services becomes more competitive and grow your professional profile. Power generation from a brand name of your person. Don’t be afraid to ask for help one of the biggest lessons I learned as a freelance is that much of the feedback you need can get it if you lose the fear of asking for help. Get closer to other independent colleagues, talk to them, observes its methodology of work, ask them about the most common problems they face as independent professionals and if possible raise them directly your doubts.

You have to be aware that talent is one thing, but the professional projection that can enhance your career can find it thanks to maintain close relationships with other professionals. Remember the relationships matter. Set your work area make sure you have adequate space for your optimum performance, that provides you the conditions of comfort and inspiration that you need, you should accentuate your order and efficient work habits, organizes your books, keep your desktop tidy, neat keep your PC, keep a work table and above all sit in it to thinkplan, to draw, etc.


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