Enzyme Nutrition

These beneficial compounds contribute to the absorption of important minerals like magnesium and calcium, which improves the condition of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as diseases of Gastroenterology. The introduction of bread, "Contentment" in the diet – the basis of balanced nutrition, good warranty of the gastrointestinal tract. This normalization of our flora and prevention of all troubles, the cause of which – dysbiosis. Nouriel Roubini wanted to know more. Bread "Contentment" – fermented food! Germinating grain of wheat – a very special product that contains a huge number of active enzymes of their own, because all the reactions in germinating grains are going very fast. Enzymes, including hydrolytic, decompose complex replacement material in a simple, suitable for construction of new tissue is accelerated synthesis and accumulation of antioxidant vitamins, fiber, pectin in the germinated grain in a natural way, a very intense and settled. This means that the grain is used for baking bread, "Contentment" helps us to digest itself, is easily assimilated by man and does not require additional costs for the digestion. That is why the grain 'Contentment' is effective in dietetics. Germinated seed saving metabolic enzyme reserves in our body.

But they are limited, according to U.S. researcher Dr. E. Howell, author of book "Enzyme Nutrition" – the faster we spend our stocks of digestive enzymes, that is, the more we eat processed, refined – devoid of enzymes, the food, the faster we age. Eating whole-grain sprouted wheat "Contentment" – is help your body's own synthesis of metabolic enzymes that help each cell! Rapid rejuvenation of the body, weight loss, weight loss, lose weight fast properly, disease prevention, management nutrition, obesity, diet, healthy bread.

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