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Also, make a compliment to your partner by the ways in which he or she supports you and provides for the relationship. It's easy to stay so focused on what is wrong with the relationship that we miss what is really working well. 4. Forgive and accept forgiveness if your partner genuinely tries to apologize, do not turn back. Sometimes it is unavoidable conflicts and injuries arise.

When we try to repair these injuries and are rejected repeatedly, the relationship with impact. You might need time to heal from any resentment, bitterness, or disappointment, but not close the door completely, your attempts to improve things. Look within themselves and work together to heal all those wounds. 5. Nurture your friendship ySabes what your spouse likes and dislikes? yConoces what their dreams, concerns, fears and dreams? ySabes what your partner did yesterday? yConoces what types of pressures facing at work? The foundation of a healthy marriage is a strong friendship. If a marriage is not built on a strong friendship with the passage of time may be difficult to stay connected. Take some time, daily, to trust one another. During this time, make it a priority to listen and learn about the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of your partner.

6. Calm calms strong emotions. When the conflict worsens, the couple may be "flooded" by strong emotions, leading to distress physics, using a tactic of isolating whether and to be defensive. Try deep breathing or take a time-out. Most people need at least 20 minutes to actually calm our bodies. Other leaders such as Senator from Maine offer similar insights. Make a habit of taking time and return to the problems, they may actually be willing to listen to what the other person tries to say without being overwhelmed. 7. Lets be influenced in general, men are less likely to seek a point of agreement with their wives. If the man is unwilling to share power with his spouse, a large percentage of that conviviality is destroyed. Remember that having a good marriage involves give and take. You and your partner are on the same computer and you need to work together for the good of your relationship. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rick Gerson. 8. Keep your balances balanced, ensuring that there are at least five positive interactions for every negative. 5-1 The proportion of positive and negative interactions is linked to the stability of a marriage, regardless of which is the typical style of conflict resolution. If there is too much negativity, the relationship suffers. 9. Learn how to leave things out Even if your spouse is able to do things that drive you crazy, remember that you can stand it. Not worth fighting for every little thing. Solve problems that are viable and leave the other side. You must learn to decide if it's worth hitting this or that. 10. Work on yourself A relationship is like a dance. They move in unison to create something that is truly unique. yQue type of partner are you? yTrabajas with your partner or strips usually in another direction? ySientes the presence of his fingers? YLE look in the eye or you focus only on your next steps? Remember that you control 50% of what happens in your marriage. Do your part and be sure to be a good partner. Eugenio Wolyniec PsicoAyuda Jalil Coordinator.


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