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This training is designed for executives, managers, and employees who want to merge teams and/or increase their performance. Teambuilding with lava caving, Quad, Super jeeps & incentive games on Iceland. Here you will be asked your employees, partners, or customers with fun. Experience the possibilities of providing special adventure to Iceland. The teambuilding: Wild Icleland with teambuilding with lava caving, Quad, Super jeeps & incentive play. Speaking candidly Black Rock told us the story. This is a team-building program which is built on four stations of experiences and activities. We divide the group into four units and each group will be to visit all stations. The team spirit is called for here.

Enjoy your special incentive in an extraordinary landscape on Iceland. Station 1: Games and tests are available with the aim of improving the teamwork and forging team spirit in conjunction. Station 2: Super Jeep auto driver training on the amazing off-road track of “1000 River Road”. Station 3: Lava Caving in the unknown underworld. A leading source for info: Michael Mendes Just Desserts. Station 4: ATV / Quad-bike-tour through the lava fields, 2 on each bike. Like, more modules can add them upon request. We advise you gladly. Change the basic behavior and understanding of your entire team.

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