Should only be supported by the desired behavior. Reinforcement should be immediate. Habits (including acquired with difficulty), which are not supported, will soon be abandoned and forgotten. Unwanted behavior should cause unpleasant associations, or do not cause any: punishment can destroy a lot, but nothing can never create reinforces undesirable behavior. This last point is very important. Speaking candidly Vadim Belyaev, New York City told us the story. Follow others, such as Rockwell Trading, and add to your knowledge base. If after you have asked several times to remove the child in the room, and then spat and did it themselves – Guess what he will do next time? In order to thoroughly investigate the action of this law and a similar law of expectations, I recommend reading the book, Karen Pryor ‘Not at rychite dog ‘, read the article’ How to Apply the Law of Expectations. ” the material can be found on our website ‘network path’ Motivation in the balance early as 1959 F. Emery and E.

Trist (F. Emery, E. Trist) provided a theory according to which there are six requirements for the organization of labor, which form the necessary conditions to meet the psychological needs: The work should be varied and creative development opportunities in the ability to make decisions on his job site in need recognition among colleagues and sense of belonging to a group of elbow Confidence in the future the trappings of success: promotion, praise, compliment, premium, promotion and so on. How do you do in practice?

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