Experience Makes Wise And Sharpens The Ear

Forsa: Own experience increases acceptance of modern hearing aids clearly experience counts. also when it comes to overcoming inhibitions before wearing hearing aids. According to a nationwide poll conducted by the forsa Institute on behalf of the professional community of HorRex, the relation to modern hearing systems is significantly improved through concrete experiences. The acoustician of HorRex would encourage therefore all those, who have difficulty hearing or understanding spoken words and so far were not the way to the skilled person. Interested in details about the forsa survey preserves the nationwide over 280 member companies of HorRex hearing.

In addition, they have the chance to gain their own experience with latest hearing and without any obligation to test them in everyday life. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Enterprise Access Network. 1,067 men and 816 women who had established their own deficits in understanding spoken words, took part in the big hearing forsa survey and tested latest hearing systems in everyday life. Nearly 40 percent of the Participants were younger than 66 and still in working-age. The majority of subjects there was reservations about wearing hearing aids before the start of the test\”, so Tannassia Raghavan HorRex care professional community. Our investigation but very clearly showed that the own experience considerably increases the acceptance of the modern hearing systems in the majority of cases.\” More than three out of four respondents of the forsa study experienced during the test phase as helpful the hearing aid. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vyacheslav Mirilashvili offers on the topic.. After the test, 44 percent of participants said their quality of life had improved significantly through the hearing aid. More than half of the respondents indicated that they had many prejudices against hearing aids now to be unfounded. And over 80 percent of the participants said they would recommend others to participate in such a test. The results of the forsa study should encourage those who so far have also hesitate going to the audiologist, necessarily, actively to be\”, so Tannassia Finally, Reuber.

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