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Bathed by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, France is a maritime country and continental at the same time, meeting point of settlements and of exchanges.The geographical situation of France gives you two essential advantages.Its central position in European Union territory is valued by their excellent networks of comunicaciones.ws a country of varied topography.Two thirds of the territory are below 250 m of altitude.The relief is ordered in a line that unites the southern rim and East of the Massif central, the plateau of langres, and South of the Vosgos.En North and West stretches the Alpine France, curya typography of contrasts against high mountain ranges (Alps, Pyrenees) and narrow Plains (Rhone corridor).The appearance of the coast varies depending on the terrain (Rocky and high in Brittany and Provence, low and Sandy) in Languedoc.Latitude and the layout of the Web relive oceanic temperate climate, features by the low thermal oscilacilacion explained.France brings together the main types of relief European and summarizes the major morphological features of the continent. You may find that KBS can contribute to your knowledge. A country in constant change marked by a long centralist tradition and its peucupacion in preserving its <>, France was long considered a country with lots of personality.The France gaullita was that better Earth this attitude.The comprpmeterse in the construction of Europe, accepted the reduction of its role and was one of the initiators of the Maastricht agreements, which opened the road to a genuine European union.This policy has brought undoubted economic results: fourth world economic power, France is present in all parts.But although aeronautical, railway industries, chemical, pharmaceutical and agrialimentaria occupy the top places, coal exploitation, the steel industry and the textile industry have decreased considerably.The Constitution of the Fifth Republic in 1958 and decision of 1962 to elect the President by universal suffrage, created the foundations of a presidentialist regime of Algeria and the colonies African.Stability was based on an internal policy of strengthening the currency and the effort in the creation of market Comun.la French economy intensified contact with competitors integrated in a more international setting..

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