Fence Backup For Solar Parks

Monitoring of fences by modern security technology at the present time happens unfortunately increasingly, that solar parks such as solar modules or inverters are stolen, tampered with or damaged. For the Solar park operator, this can lead to the destruction of existence! A good fence protection is particularly important to protect yourself from these events! In the following article the fence backup for solar parks is explained and advantages for potential customers. Through sensors with securing fence sensors intruders detected by fence backup, who want to, for example, cutting through the fence or climb over it in the Park. It works through special sensors that are installed and connected with a system control panel in the fence. As mentioned above, if the intruder over the fence into the solar Park is larger, the system attendant will be informed immediately and can thus call the police. The sensors can be used either for a chain-link fence or also for a metal fence. When the wire mesh fence the sensor triggered when someone climbs the fence and thus is this under tension.

The sensor is triggered when this is pulled in the metal lattice fence. Fence securing the fence security can be provided by monitoring through monitoring the fence door or the entrance zone. Sentinel be put up here on the entrance gates simply, that monitor the solar Park and sign the invaders of the police. The solar farm can be equipped with video cameras, where the guards can see the possible perpetrators. To protect the Park, the guards should be used around the clock in shifts, as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

Just so the fence backup also makes a sense. Fence backup signal transmission via radio or wire. This method works roughly like the method with sensors. Here, but transmitted the signals via radio or wire on the solar farm operators. This can then immediately react and, where appropriate, inform the police. Advantages of the fence provision for solar parks the advantages are very quick to call. Through the It protects its solar Park fence from theft or tampering. But also due to damage that could happen, for example, by wild. Without a fence, this could provide damage on the solar modules. This should be considered. Nowadays you can get but by specialists in the field fence backup plan a tailor-made solution with sensors, Reiss wire fuses or video presentations. All they need to do so, is a location map and the course of the fence.


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