Meiro is now ready for your big day. Encontro tasting OJ Millo Corvo celebrated today in the village once yesterday traditional products were tasted by the thousands of visitors who gathered. The opening of the ecotaberna gathered hundreds of people who came to taste traditional products that are offered, all of them with the bread of millo corvo as star of the party. This meeting is already lives in a village devoted to the celebration of an event that has been preparing since many months ago. The fried eggs with bread celebration are, as usual, part of a – wedding banquet, for example – essential, coupled with other delicacies for the many people who did not want to lose the ritual folk festival. On a day that combined to perfection the musical and the gourmet, the role also brought him three groups that acted in the framework of this festival: dance Russian Voldograda, the Group of Festeiras Galegas group and the Group of dance Trompete. Closing party la charanga Festa do Cabalo I. In the Today scheduled a variegated program.

The main events will be tents opening gastronomical and handicraft, scheduled for 11 a.m. and in the reading of the proclamation in charge of writer FAG field, which will be at 12.30 hours. With popular prices, should encourage a few visitors who will enjoy of an of the Conference revitalized or noso: or galego or millo corvo and various performances. The Meiro celebrations are famous since the 18th century, in which was established the tradition that has made this small Galician town famous. Local authorities do not provide figures relating to the movement of visitors and outsiders attracted by the Festival, but the townspeople claim that these tourists are left several thousand euros in town these days. For them, the feasts of Meiro are also a jackpot lottery.

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