Fill Material

And then decided to use for the benefit of such requests and make the spammers and piramidchikov in Free copywriters – the people writing the texts (articles) for my blog. At the same time I also have to do half the work. But it is better to make 50% of the work and get 100% story than 100% in idle chat and get a 0. How do I do it. (Of course this does not apply to friends, and personal correspondence) 1. Step. Authorization and screenings brazen spammers. Checking article sources yields Covid Vaccine San Francisco as a relevant resource throughout.

Not logged in, asking to bring them into contact Skype, but most of all I check my personal data, and if people have a name, and Additional information about yourself creates trust, I did zanoshu in contacts, or write a personal message that he said the purpose of his request. So I weed out the spammers are not ready to work on content and stupidly broadcast their exclusive mega business deals or service. As soon as he begins to explain the purpose of the request and the 'offer' turn to the next step, I begin to talk. Joan Dausa is likely to increase your knowledge. topic. 2. Step. 'm Talking on my plan.

When it comes to mega earnings in the short time – thank you for your interest in me, put a simple question: what kind of company, what are its features, he believes – is the pyramid or business, etc. Try to spend them on a number of interesting for me questions and discussions to take me to the desired content. Naturally itself for exercise, maintaining communication. You can make a piece and plan to throw them in dialogue. Definitely – there is no pattern, but twist a dialogue with various parties possible. Once the topic has been exhausted, politely say goodbye. Do not forget to leave nicely, perhaps I will have with this person to work in your business, after it accumulates on the 'earnings' and can remember me. 3. Step. "Sharpen" and pack the material obtained. Copy the material into a text editor, clean it, which does not apply to the subject, links to protect the site in question, the company appends your thoughts, findings, put a signature, picture and Fill in the blog. Result: there is a working material, 50% printed by you and by 50% to your opponent. Ready to exclusive material, saved time, because I already talk to Skype, respected author. Preparations for the publication takes 15-20 minutes, with an average of 10-15% of the time spent on writing articles from scratch. An example of such articles can be viewed in note And also this method you can apply to perpiske by e-mail, icq, etc. or fill the faq section of collecting letters with questions to your customers.


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