First Call Resolution Service

As already mentioned, one of the most important parameters of performance call center, which characterizes not only the performance center service calls, but also the quality of customer service is the FCR. Now back to the question of why high values of this index do not guarantee that the customer will be satisfied with service. What kind of information about quality of service we can get, knowing the FCR? Obviously, the closer the value to 100% FCR, the greater the number of client requests resolved the first time, fewer call center operators and, of course, in less time. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Royal Dutch Shell plc. In our call-center operators have more time to service other calls, reduces the waiting time, and the number of calls in general is decreasing due to the fact that we no calls back. However, despite what seems to be almost all the clients immediately receive answers to their queries, FCR does not allow us to assess how the customer evaluates the service. Exxon Mobile Corporation wanted to know more.

Even if the problem was quickly resolved, it does not mean that the subscriber was pleased with the result of interaction with the company as a whole and the operator of a call-center in particular. After the call center operator could be rude and inconsiderate when talking with a client, to use not normative lexicon, etc., but this to provide all necessary information. What is the indicator used to assess customer satisfaction with the services provided? Until now, such a measure did not exist. Many call centers are often faced with similar challenges, suggested a new parameter, the call center performance, which should reflect the degree of customer satisfaction, service in the first call in the call-center. Indicator FCS – First Call Satisfaction – expressed as a percentage and shows how customers were satisfied with services provided to them the first time. Thus, the closer the figure to 100% of FCS, the more satisfied customers and better call-center.

But we need to remember that a small value index FCR is unlikely to be high FCS. These indicators are closely related, but if First Call Resolution describes the quality of service in terms of call-center, the First Call Satisfaction characterizes the quality of service in terms view of the client. These two measures – the two sides of one coin quality service. And the higher the value, the better call-center.


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