Freelance Insurance Companies

Agent – Freelance insurance company operates under the brokerage contract. The main objective – attracting new customers to the insurance company, for which he receives from the insurer's commission. Each determines how best to issue the policy: in the office of the insurer or the agent. The tariff on insurance risk in this case would be the same. Sometimes, the agent may account for their agency fee to a discount. But we must understand that the agent gives you a part of their 'salary', which he receives from the insurance company, and later, during the period of insurance for your car, do not be offended by the agent, if he suddenly does not respond to your calls does not want to advise you on an insurance case or make policy changes.

If you disagree, explain the situation: You work as a programmer, to your right and the Director-General said that this month you should give him part of his salary, because it allows you to work in his company. I think your enthusiasm noticeably diminished. When making a policy through an agent, you must be careful not to collide with fraud: – If you are not familiar with the agent and before you invite him to design the policy, you need to know his name, call the insurance company, which plan to issue a policy, and learn in the Department (Department) to work to work with agents, whether they have an agent? – If you pay the agent fee under the policy, you must obtain a receipt form A7. The receipt should be printed with the details and the insurer. – If the agent issue a policy in Your presence, ask the agent power of attorney from the insurer the right to design the policy and receive money. Pay attention to the period of the warrant.

You can call the insurer and to clarify whether the warrant was issued who comes to the agent? – When you send money to the agent, be sure to call your insurance company after 3-5 days and see whether the payment received by your contract or your money the agent plays in the casino. If money from the insurer not, contact with the Security Service of the insurer. The secret: Be sure to 'Get' the agent. It is very convenient: no need to waste time on a trip to the insurer for the design of policy, do not he studied the rules and programs insurers, at any time you get professional advice. And do not forget "the rules of safety when working with an agent '!

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