From The Daum? The 1 FC Cologne Before The Rise Of

Football second division side Cologne is briefly before returning to the elite class of German football. But what comes then? Who will be coach? What players come? The rise in the first Bundesliga is always the aim for the big clubs in the second division. You may want to visit Paul Price to increase your knowledge. So also at the Club from the Cathedral City. For the Cologne it looks-very bright with only five remaining games and second place in the table. Nevertheless, the mood in the environment is tarnished. The situation is too unclear.

What will become of the trainer? What made the team? May the team in the first be League? So many questions now zip the FC fans through the head and everyone has his own ideas and solutions at hand. But when one are all sure rises FC and coach Christoph Daum leaving the Club. When it comes to the will of the fans they would prefer the ZDF national coach”Jurgen Klopp to Cologne to get. It might work if the goat bucks against Mainz win their last home game and the troop of Klopp thus the rise of spoil. The young trainer brings everything with what they need in the Cathedral City. New ideas, it can be attractive play and can handle very well with young players. He could build a powerful team to make the class receipt. But to someone like Jurgen Klopp to Cologne? A coach with format, such as: they can’t afford to pay Jose Mourinho at FC.

It will remain only a dream of the fans. But fortunately, there are indeed many coaches without work. Mirko Slomka was released recently on Schalke and the sacking of Dortmund’s Thomas doll is only a matter of time. Also a Hans Meyer would be an idea. Falko Gotz is a name which is not called. He is a young coach and has shown at the Hertha Berlin, what’s in it. He would be, if Klopp won’t, probably the cheapest and best solution for the goat bucks. No matter who will be the coach. It will certainly not be easy to form a team that can keep the class. /a> has firm opinions on the matter. The departure of top scorer Patrick seems too difficult to weigh helmet and also his strike partner Milivoje Novakovi seems to leave the Club to want to. Mathias Scherz is 36 years long over its zenith with its. It at least a striker of format is used, better two. In the midfield, the demand is also high. In addition to Roda Antar and Thomas Broich, two experienced players missing in order to compete in the elite class. The situation in defence is more relaxed. In addition to the experienced players Kevin McKenna, Youssef Mohammad, umit ozat and Aleksandar Mitreski, the young talents of Kevin Schoneberg and Tobias Nickenig have to develop time. The goalkeeper position is top notch with Faryd Mondragon and with Thomas Kessler is also a more ambitious successor behind him. However, the biggest problem is not in the team, but in the media. 1.FC Cologne must find a coach that comes clear with the very high desires of the Cologne media landscape and can also set up a team that creates the class receipt. Everything else would be just wishful thinking. But are yet to complete 5 gravity games. Probably we know only after the final day where the road leads the 1.FC Cologne and who they serves as a trainer. Who knows, maybe yes but remains Christoph Daum and the adventure turns Bundesliga”.

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