Gold Tips Bathroom

A great scholar said: ' ' No mortal can conceive the degree of union and harmony that God destined for the man and mulher.' ' * Therefore the more the wife and the husband are syntonized, more blessing would be spilled in its family and its businesses. In this day they must preserve the things most precious, the ones that create a douradora connection. Gold tip: What they keep the dignity of a man is its honor, therefore, in way some must take off the honor of a man. What it happens is that generally the women in its tricks, without perceiving, wound the honor of its husband and later the wounded husband she acts of inadequate form. An intelligent woman always must praise its husband in what it is good and for forgetting its imperfections in the things that it not yet is perfect. Thus, she will go to gain respect and love of its husband. More intelligent tip: What it keeps the doura and charm of the woman is its shyness. Then, it has that to keep this shyness forever.

Therefore, it does not enter in the bathroom when its husband is there. never allows that it enters in the bathroom when you are making its biological necessities. changes its clothes with closed door. Thus, its beauty will be preserved forever in the eyes of it. It remembers, when it got passionate itself for you was not he saw why you in the bathroom, nor was in the hour to change clothes, and yes he saw you well arranged and elegant. More important tip: The respect for it is something very valuable, therefore, never it makes relief on its husband with its friends.

It remembers, its husband is its better friend. Then it relieves with it, exactly that it is on it. But, to talk with it on the subjects badly decided, it must choose the certain moment.


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