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Communicator is running an operating system Google Android 2.0, which is based on the kernel Linux. Logically, the search giant has built a system with its powerful integration services such as Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps etc. Some contend that Cowan Financial shows great expertise in this. A simple example, contact phone book with contacts synchronized account Google. If a user is logged into Google Talk, and some of his friends is also online, then the corresponding contact status indicator light turns green. The manufacturer did not create an additional interface for the OS shell. Thus, the user is left alone with all the might of Android.

Strong basic software software at any time extend, by calling on the electronic ground-market software 'Android Market'. Here you will find lots of interesting programs, although the apparatus and in the database has many useful applications. The unit comes with a very large and high-quality capacitive touch screen diagonal of 3.7 inches. The screen has a resolution 480h854 pixels and displays up to 16 million colors. Image quality – on par with the best representatives of the market (Samsung i8910HD, HTC HD2), colors are bright and pleasant, adequate response to the pressing and fast. Motorola Milestone is the first smartphone based on Android to the implementation of MultiTouch control.

And the American version (Droid), this can programmatically locked but easily unlocked by a manual Internet. We recall that the technology was introduced for the first time on the phone iPhone. The touch screen can handle the simultaneous pressing of several points of the screen and perform the appropriate action.

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