Gumbrecht Tragedy

It was Friedrich Schiller that formulated ideas on the theory of the tragedy, emphasizing the moral construction through which the tragedy would have to improve its auditoriums, but, ahead of the critical one of Kant, a strong impact it influenced to write assays, in which it in accordance with granted tragic the model of the sublime one and interpreted the sort as the vehicle for the expression. It formulated the vision of the tragic one as a basic aspect of the existence human being, indicative of the incompatibility between the man and the world that if finds. As a step that was assigned by it to the sort tragedy was the mission to incorporate this insight (act or resulted to learn the true nature of the things, to enxergar intuitivamente), becoming it a particular sort. Historically, the tragedy can be thought about what it was argued previously by Gumbrecht, what if it makes necessary to argue so that if now understands the notes done and analyzed by Most. The attractions that from had been created in the modern period for the reading of the tragedy Greek there and the difficulties to understand them are obvious.

The history of the development that leads to the recent use of this old term has a bigger importance, therefore not only it illustrates the way for which elements of the classic tradition they had been taken off of context, but also it supplies to a notable example of the trend of the readers to use, many times in total errnea way, the sorts to interpret books and its realities. REFERENCE GUMBRECHT, H.U. (2001) – the places of the tragedy – In Philosophy and Literature: the tragic one, Jorge Publishing Zahar, Rio De Janeiro, 2001. MOST, Glenn (2001) – Of the tragedy to the tragic one – In: Philosophy and Literature: the tragic one, Jorge Publishing Zahar, Rio De Janeiro, 2001.


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