Hall Room

He was in the kitchen. He came to say your name. He came to say: SANDRA. And, immediately, then disappeared – don Luis explained – when you’ve seen him, you seemed to have seen him before? -asked me Victor – No, actually, I do not know him. Had never seen you before – I answered – are you sure of that can not be treated of someone close to you? -asked me don Luis – if – I stated- For whatever reason, that child wants your help.

It will try to move closer to you, therefore, you should not feel fear. Click MessageMe for additional related pages. Only thus, can solve the mystery – he commented don Luis – agree – I said – I’ll give a tour of the House and try to perceive something I had stopped for a few minutes in the hallway of the House. Victor and Professor don Luis remained in the Hall to continue their study and research through cameras photographic and cinematographic, measuring instruments thermal, luminous and acoustic filters, etc. Suddenly, a toy fell from the first floor. It was a small car, which was launched from above with the clear intention of my attention. I decided to upload, denying me that followed me Victor and Professor don Luis.

I thought that that child was playing hide-and-seek, not for fun, perhaps out of fear. When I agreed to the first floor, all the doors were closed, except for one. I went exactly towards that door, I didn’t know why, it gave me the feeling that someone I was inviting to enter. I opened the door at all. The room was empty. The room was to be a child’s bedroom. The bed stood to the left, the wardrobe to the right, and opposite, the toybox under a large window decorated with white curtains. I looked under the bed, inside the trunk, inside the Cabinet, there were no signs of that child. When I left the room, I realized the distance that separated the rooms and that space could give rise to other functions. I went back to the room, I opened the wardrobe, I observed a few moments the Cabinet bottom, and gave the sensation of not having reached the deepest, when I found a crack re-sprayed for me the table that lined the inside of Cabinet and, – I found you! -I said with surprising expression at the same time that smiling child was cramped and began to tremble.


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