Descended from the vehicle, while noting that every last cadet realized arrival. Was avoided by the absolute totality of those present. He walked toward his office. Palaciosa-heard-if the voice behind, that called him with an authoritative tone, but sounded more like scared. – Come to my office immediately. Palacios was returned on his steps and with the same slowness in the office.

The chair pointed commandant. Palaces as he sat crumpled but the eyebrows. “A bulldog before attacking commander thought, as he watched his subordinate, who was drinking coffee that was served promptly wizard. – “We’ll forward your retirement. – The commander said. The medical report says that these exhausted.

They did not like at all your levels and your blood sugar does not drop below 15-10. You must rest. Go to the beach. Or visit your son in Mexico. We’ll call you if there is anything we can not handle. We’ll leave the car and your retirement will be medical. O is at 100% of your salary. – Not even an administrative position for me?. – My least. Those on top want fresh meat. I also leave here very soon, “the commander council. Palacios left without saying goodbye. He was dead. finish. Dying. . The police had been his life. But their marriage. More than his son. Many times he lived coldly dismissed excited that their way to promotion. Now it was his turn to be the ladder. I did not want to live that humiliation. So I went full speed as if to an investigation.


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