Holiday In France At The Chateau

The name brings back memories of that proverbial life like God in France: lovingly restored and fully intact in its historically reminiscent core, Chateau de Launay invites you to a time out, how you can celebrate only our francophile neighbors. Perfect staged between yesterday and today, between tradition and modernity, between the past and the present: that is a holiday in the Castle par excellence! Lush nature, many ancient oaks and blooming flowers as far as the eye can see are the stylish setting for a stay of a special kind. The wide gardens invite you to stroll and relax, blooming flowers bring the lust for life, and many small, cozy seating to be discovered by you. Official site: Restaurant Michael Schwartz. Probably every apartment in the Castle invites you to leave everyday life behind you, to relax and unwind and easy to relax, but especially these four French jewels. Each of the four homes has been painstakingly restored and completely renovated core. In loving Detailed work was created as a more unique holiday apartment in the Castle, and each of them brings the past to life for typical French way of life.

Rounded off by the very own charm of the francophile neighbors through the typical joy of life and the no less tasty cuisine here quickly, feel what it means to be welcome in the holidays. Choose your own personal apartment in the Castle from four possibilities and experience the fascinating charm of traditional French way of life. For more information see this site: Reshma Kewalramani. Located on the land, Chateau de Launay is perfect for a relaxed family holiday for young and old, coziness and calm to convince white. Each of our four holiday apartments has its own, individual style, but they are all comfortable, rustic and equipped with every imaginable comfort. With children or not, whether large or small, young or old: Here everyone can find his personal paradise on Earth, really so you vacation in the Castle can just enjoy. Experience a holiday of extraordinaire in the former noble Court from the 15th century which at the time of the the old noble family of the Rouxel was used as a border fortification of Brittany. The former moat served as a protection of the House and can be admired even today if you spend your vacation in the small castle with the promising name.

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