Homburg Phone

\”Advertisers can not yet exploit potential mobile will evolve in the next few years to the personal information centre Frankfurt on the main/Bad Homburg after analysis by Jens Grunewald, Managing Director at TouchWorks must in Dusseldorf to the advertising industry increasingly grapple with the topic mobile marketing: when we communicate with the target group 14 to 29 years, we no longer get around mobile marketing\”, so Garrett to the industry journal horizon. His agency has created a mobile campaign on 15 European airports for the Calvin small perfume CK Into You\”. The travellers that were pointed out posters, to activate the Bluetooth interface of your phone. Then sent a mobile coupon that Exchange in the duty-free shop against a product was\”the perfume Croesus, horizon reported. The incredible diversity of mobile devices with their different standards do hard but the recruiters. The same offer looks on different mobile phones differently. This means for service providers that mobile portals must be shipped individually\”, quoted horizon the arvato mobile Managing Director Ralf Priemer. Many companies offer even a mobile counterpart of their Internet presence.

In these cases, the user sees only an incomplete snippet on his cell phone. Because of the small screen makes it on most cell phones currently still no sense on conventional, not the mobile-optimized Web pages to surf the images of HTML pages are too small, too cluttered and difficult to navigate. Innovations such as the iPhone’s mobile Safari browser show the direction in which the mobile Internet could develop and to larger Handyscreens and more flexible browsers\”, says Jens Klemann Bad Homburg consultancy Strateco. In operating systems, control menus, screen sizes, setting up routines for software, Internet access technologies, browser types and mobile TV standards each manufacturer go his his experience are way to set an unrivalled standard. As a result, the opposite will pop out. \”\” \”So must store specialists for creating WAP pages of information for some 4,000 mobile phone models in their databases\”, explains co author of the study, mobile marketing Kan\”www.absatzwirtschaft.de/ mobile marketing, in collaboration with the magazine sales industry\” was created.


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