How To Choose A Laptop

Everyone probably already heard about the Tablet pc (Tablet PC) – interesting device, but have found application only in small circles (the reason for that, first of all, the high price and their ergonomic features). The same "success" is expected, and ultra- pc (UMPC), which, incidentally, can be considered as pre-netbook. And now a new effort – a new concept: Tablet notebook. In fact, the idea that the netbook mobile tablet PCs have long been "in the air" (from the very the advent of netbooks on the market for mobile computers). And the means, above all, tablet-class "transformer" – is when the gadget looks like a normal laptop / notebook, but its screen is easy to deploy around a vertical axis and "put" on-screen keyboard block out, thereby achieving maximum compactness in the operating position.

But that netbooks could be used in this mode – its screen should be touch, and it requires the availability of special software. Here is the new asus Eee pc T91 is just the first implementation of the idea of tablet netbooks, opening up a whole line of planshetnikov Eee pc Touch Series. So, besides the model asus Eee pc T91, as expected output 10-inch T101, but it will happen later, but for now we will evaluate all the charm of "Tablet decision" by the example of 9-inch netbook from Asus. asus Eee pc T91 new T91 is built on already well-known platform Intel Menlow, but the application in the netbook processor Atom Z520 with its ultra-low-consumption and heat generation at the expense of productivity far more justified than in the usual netbook. First, the Tablet pc is more often operated on the move, and therefore should be as easy as possible and less, and secondly, for the same reason, while its battery life is quite a critical parameter, which may not be neglected as in this case. Of all the equipment you want a tablet netbook highlight the use of ssd in 16 gb – is a logical solution for this model use, to the same disk subsystem in the asus Eee pc T91 supplemented with sdhc memory cards at 16 gb, which is set using a special reader Disk Expander. Well, 1 gb of ram and traditional set of wireless interfaces, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth have become standard for such devices.

Appearance of the netbook Eee pc T91, it's possible not everyone will like, because here, instead of a practical matte coating dominant fashion today glossy surfaces requiring constant care during the operation (unless you want a netbook looked scruffy). Performances are only two colors – entirely black or black and white. The keyboard and touchpad, as it is for 9-inch devices asus, – reduced, after a rapid habituation to use in the cellar. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fiserv. A set of interface connectors and their placement does not cause problems.


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