Incorrect Hydration Involves Loss

According to this expert, it is basic and essential to reach the workplace well hydrated before you begin the workday a study carried out in Spain, says that only about half of the population of our country is properly hydrated Barcelona, September 2010-. Although the importance of hydration in stress conditions is universally accepted, recent studies have shown the existence of alarmingly low levels of hydration in the workplace. So suggested it study hydration, hydration, hydration, published in March 2010 by the Oxford University Press, and now is endorsed by Bay study, published in our country. The results of this study, published this year by the journal of Nephrology, estimated that only half of the Spanish population (52.6%) is well hydrated. To be water a vital fluid that allows the correct performance of a multitude of functions in the body and, in the case of the Spanish population, constitute part of the pattern of consumption, it is imperative to promote its consumption and especially promote safe water ingestion bacteriologically and constant composition, explain the authors of the paper in its conclusions.

Why is it necessary to drink water in the workplace? Water is the most abundant in human molecule, as it is part of all cells, organs and tissues and fluids of our body. Its volume is regulated by a mechanism called homeostasis, which intervenes kidney, digestive tract, skin, lungs, circulatory system, nervous system and the endocrine system. The most common alteration is known as dehydration or fluid loss, it is usually accompanied by loss of electrolytes and salts, mainly sodium and potassium. Water is essential to regulate our body temperature, mainly the loss of heat and especially during the warm season. Any activity It increases the heat output of the Agency, in proportion to the intensity of this. Equally, the mechanisms of heat loss that is generated will mean a proportional loss of water and salts.

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