Selection of food is best to start with a drawing project for the future of furniture that suits you the best possible way. Need to know the configuration and dimensions of the room (the length of each wall, ceiling height, size of protrusions and recesses) a clear idea of how it will be posted in the furniture and built-in appliances. In an installation option available almost all types of kitchen appliances – built-in refrigerators, built-in oven, built-in hobs, built-in dishwashers, built-in microwave ovens, built-in hoods and even steamers and coffee makers. The choice of built-in appliances depends on the size of the kitchen, and from its stylistic decision, and the financial opportunities, and on what you plan to use a longer – or appliances furnished. And of course embedded devices have advantages over stand-alone. For example, a conventional oven is not desirable to establish close to furniture – oven can damage the walls of adjacent cabinets, and also have a view that it is unsafe. And designed to fit inside cabinets built-in appliances is vented from the bottom, and her body is equipped with the best . appliances have sizes corresponding to standard cabinets and table (in most cases, a width of 60 cm or 90 cm).

The height and depth of detached equipment may also differ from external dimensions of the adjacent furniture. Another advantage of the built-in kitchen – no cracks and gaps between the elements of the headset is staffed by a single bench. And of course in this kind of food is perfect and pleasing to the eye not only residents of the house, but all the guests who come to Vam.Vstroennaya appliances blends harmoniously into the overall design of the kitchen while you create yourself to your liking. For example, most embedded Hood have decorative piping made from the same material as the cabinet fronts and tumb.V recent front panels for a kitchen with modern appliances have a metal finish, such as aluminum, anodized coating that enhances durability.

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