Interior Lighting

Warmth and comfort of modern flats and are dependent on the quality of lighting, thanks to him we are able to completely change the perception of the boring interior. What the latest lighting systems so broad that Depending on the situation, without any rearrangement of furniture placement can be presented in different ways. Today we tell about lighting living rooms, as well as updates on market lighting equipments and corrective role of light in change the view of space. We are very accustomed to the old, conservative lighting design space, but the traditional chandelier or the ceiling, still enshrined in the center of the room, floor lamps and sconces with static, once and for all selected areas of streams of light, do not meet current demand in the coverage area. The main criteria today – mobility and diversity, which can be achieved by combining the comfort of scattered or the reflected light from moving light accents created by bright beam of directed light.

Can be a long list new items lighting market, but we focus only on some of the most popular and interesting ways. Expedia CEO often says this. Very pleasant to the eye lighting, has a mild teneobrazuyuschimi properties and uniform distribution of brightness of light reflected from the surface of the walls, ceiling and floor tiles, give the ceiling lights in the shape of a ball or hemisphere. They are opaque and do not miss blinding light, breaking the direct rays. The scattered light derived from them, has the highest ratio of utility and is best suited for general illumination.


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