Israel Youth Championship

As part of 'Maccabee' of Ra'anana Neely Nath twice, in 2000 and 2001, respectively, became the owner of the Cup of Israel, and in 2003/04 season, made a historic double in the 'Elitzur' of Ramla – has not only won the Cup, but also a champion of the country. After successful performances in the international arena it has entered into a list of the most successful players of modern Israeli basketball. Successfully develops sports career and a young football player Bibarsov Nath. At the age of 18 Bibarsov, named after the famous Circassian Mamluks, who ruled Egypt, he was invited to the Tel Aviv 'Hapoel' command ambitious, always aiming for better result. He played a few matches in the championship of Israel played in the UEFA Cup two years ago with his club took part in the First Channel Cup. At the moment the sport at Kfar Kama is clearly on the rise. Recently, three more of its representatives have much success at the prestigious competition among the best athletes of the country.

As told in an interview with 'Shapsugia' native of Kfar Kama, a businessman Nihat Knapps, who now lives in Maikop, the Israel Youth Championship in judo, which was held in Tel Aviv winner in his weight class was Nart Knapps not left his rivals no chance of success. Championship medal national championship in arm wrestling, held in the city of Netanya, the first among the Circassians living in the Promised Land, won the Randi Haho. The silver medal went to this prestigious tournament of his fellow villager Adam Bgane. All three athletes have a great opportunity to get to the national team of Israel and the right to speak for his country at major international competitions. – For the first time in many years, our guys have a really great success in professional sport – said Nihat Knapps. – This will not only serve to strengthen the image of the Circassians living in Israel, but also the development of the glorious traditions of victory Circassians who gave the world many famous champions. There is this one more important point: I want to sled example, Randy and Adam followed all of our youth.

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