Italian Water

It is located on a set of islands that extends in a marshy homonymous lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, between the mouths of the rivers Po (South), and Piave (North), in the northeast of Italy. Venice is composed by 120 small united islands to each other by 455 bridges. Go to Roubini Global Economics for more information. it arrives at Venice from mainland by the Bridge of the Freedom that accedes to the Piazzale Rome. From its foundation the city has undergone the effects of periodic floods. At present the city is considered in serious threat by the repeated floods. In spring and autumn the high call takes place acqua (" it navigates alta") twice to the day and the Place of San Marcos it is flooded of water. The Italian government prepares a project, denominated Moiss, to raise movable docks that would be closed in case of increase of the level of the water of the sea. The truth that this last one is worrisome.

Because the ascent of waters notices. For example, arrival to the Place of San Marcos could be noticed like was full of water, of such way, that to enter the church they had improvised pasadillo of tables. Nevertheless there was much water. Venice is surrounded by lagoons of little bottom; that was worth to him always like great defense. In their waters the ships ran aground easily that did not know the bottoms, thus is that it was like a city intrenched within great walls. walls of Venice are the dangerous sand banks that are almost in the open in low tide. In order to arrive from the Adriatic it was necessary to know the steps, that in the days of peace were indicated with wood rows with lights for the night. When leaving the station, train that I took in two Bologna and I take hour in arriving to the central station of Venice, of Santa Lucia, one leaves the station and it is with the water taxi that they simply lead to the main places of the city, or if one wants to walk until the place of San marks, crossing to all the can do it city, because well it is signalized, apart from which she is very journeyed and all the businesses can be seen, the bridges, the beautiful ones gondo them journeying.


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