Jolt Lehman

The last few days have been very moved to U.S. financial institutions. Wachovia threw the Executive Director and Standard & Poor s reduced the ratings of Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers. It is that these three firms face new accounting depreciations for S & P. So Morgan Stanley, lowered its rating from AA – to A +, while Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers ceded A + to A.

The problems for the U.S. financial institutions not ended. Lehman Brothers is looking for fresh funds to recapitalize. Meanwhile, he carried out surveys in Korea and it is said that the sovereign Fund, Korea Development Bank and Woori Financial Group, would be the potential contributors of capital. It is said that the capital increase would be looking for would be between $3 billion and $4 billion. Within two weeks (specifically 16 June), Lehaman Brothers will present their results quarterly they arrojarian a red. That is why he wants to take this opportunity to announce the expansion of its capital.

Do they remember the monolines? These entities, among which we find to Ambac, MBIA and FGIC, specialized in supporting debt, threatening to generate a Jolt as or greater than the one generated by subprime as a result of a possible downgrade in its credit rating. It is that these entities supported the famous CDOs do not only support these roles, but also supporting bonds issued by municipal governments. Last Wednesday, Moodys threatened to downgrade the credit rating of these entities even up on two levels. It would be very hard for the American economy. But not only the problems persist in the United States.UU in Europe are also achieved. Last Wednesday the French Bank Credit Agricole announced that it will launch a 5.9 billion capital increase on 6 June, as a result of the impact of the crisis generated by mortgages high risk (subprime) in United States.


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