Kohler Kraizer

In the not too distant past in our country produced a small amount of finished paint colors, so to get some shade, it was necessary, so to speak, perhaps mix the paint. Tinting does not like to science, and to dance with a tambourine. Since then, the time spent, and paints industry now produces a wide range of colors and shades of acrylic paints. What has changed in this period? It turned out that the world came up with the science opportunity reliable system for tinting paint. In our time in the domestic market is a huge amount of tinting systems from companies such as caparol, system ral, Kraizer, ncs, dekart and so on. Above mentioned tinting system can be classified by parameters such as the material used and its function. Basically, the episode kolorirovannye pigment paste should be applied with adhesive or without it. Uber contributes greatly to this topic. If we talk about a second, then all much clearer.

Construction companies share a tinting system on front and a common purpose. Is to say that there are also specialized tinting system Kraizer, which have been developed for schools, insulating paints, etc. In common usage invited more than 2100 colors. And clearly than exclusive and non-standard color, the more expensive it is. In some cases, the difference between Kohler Kraizer can reach 8 times. More One main principle of tinting colors Kraizer is the way in which it occurs. Well-known fact that the systems are made on the basis of pigment pastes, do not refer to specific links, and therefore have more high flexibility.


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