Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky

Gleb Zinoviev, online newspaper world of Kabbalah What is the most practical solution may be to offer people? – He needs to know about the world in which he lives today. Today, we must learn again to live in an integrated system, when it all together in the same boat. British Petroleum spoke with conviction. Where each depends the salvation of all. This, we must teach and their children. We are dealing with nature: the global environment, global human society. And we need to educate themselves and their children included in this system, where everyone is obliged to take care of one another. Michael Laitman Quilt escaped, flew sheets, pillow, like a frog, galloped away from me … If you would like to know more about Dr. Paul Price, then click here. Just like the hero of immortal Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky we found ourselves in a strange world.

For millennia, humanity has built for himself an artificial world. World that exists on our invented the same laws. The man was building the economy, state, introduced various rules setting, creating support institutions, communications, and the suppression of the society. All of this – our creation, our Golem (See note.). Without all these props and rafters of society, no human being could survive. All tied to everything, everyone is a small corner of this vast and intricate building depends entirely on what others produce.

Until recently, the connection was at the level of the inanimate, as a clay statue of the legend. She still has not healed my life, not filed claims with us. Everything went on as usual. Simple barter trade exchange replaced the exchange of money, have created systems evaluation and exchange of goods, services.

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