Latin American Economic System

During the regional meeting of analysis of the economic relations between Latin America, the Caribbean and the Republic of the India, organized by the Latin American Economic System and of the Caribbean (Sela), the ambassador of India stood out that the economic and commercial relations between their country and Venezuela, improved considerably since president Hugo Chavez visited India in March of 2005. Kumar Sinha observed that from the visit of president Chvez, India mattered more than 2 billions of dollars in Venezuelan petroleum. That sense, it stressed that it hopes that the number of import of crude Venezuelan increases so that this way, the relations continue fortifying themselves and they are increased. Venezuela counting on that strength energetics that it owns, makes that countries emergent as they see it to India like a power potential partner able to realise interchange in other aerial ones. An example of it is that India has a highest technological development of its systems of computation and communications networks that can mainly contribute much to Venezuela and to industrial park SME in the sector of systems. All the previous one is exclusive product of the roll of Venezuela in the application of the policies of foreign trade that has carried out president Chvez and is necessary to see it of the possible objective form but because the intention is the one to generate majors interchanges and to harness national opportunities and strengths.

Venezuela in the personnel must be considered an emergent market because it has all the characteristics that reunite the emergent markets; in addition, it has the majors oil reserves of the world and this extremely makes those investors attractive of the area. The companies of distribution and consumption aim towards the emergent markets and in Venezuela already they are established this type of companies, which can be taken like reference at the time of this type of incursion. However, it can be made an analysis but deep envelope if it analyzes with more detail the weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats of Venezuela like important factor in an emergent market., contributes an interesting information to us on this topic when it comments, that through a survey on the emergent markets, Brazil is the emergent market that offers better perspective for the businesses in the short and mid term, it investigated as it Iberglobal and applied the survey enters its readers, and on the basis of who the Latin American Barometer of Emergent Markets has been elaborated. Brazil is the more attractive emergent market, to great distance of the rest, having voted by quarter of the participants in the survey. Chile (with a 13.3% of votes) has been placed in 2 place, followed of China and India. In 5 position is placed Peru.

Mexico is placed in 6 put, tied with Colombia. Venezuela is not placed between the 10 first emergent markets, having voted by only the 1.0% of the participants in the survey. Of the 10 main emergent markets, six are Latin American.


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