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Under the Chinese language most commonly understood dialect in the country – Mandarin (also called "Mandarin"), which has the status of official language of China. The most popular Chinese language among residents of the East Asian region, mostly in Japan and South Korea. In China, learn the language of about 160 thousand students from these countries. However, the Ministry of Education of PRC reasonably expected that their number will exceed 100 million by 2010. In various countries around the world opened Confucius Institutes, which make up a network of Chinese cultural and educational centers.

In 54 countries around the world There are such institutions. They offer training programs for foreign students Chinese. The purpose of Confucius Institutes is to develop friendly relations with various countries with dissemination of culture and language of China. This is a fairly large-scale program, which can be compared only with the spread in the world of English. To date, approximately 24 thousand Americans mastering the Chinese language, while While the number of Chinese learners of English, more than 200 million people.

And yet, the boom of Chinese in America continues, and Americans do not even have enough teachers. And if English speakers are 340 million people, then Chinese is the mother tongue for more than 1 billion people. And teaching Chinese to foreigners – it is a profitable business for the PRC. A study of language foreign businessmen opens up prospects for career growth and cooperation to the campaign in a country where the economy is growing faster than anywhere else. The same wave reaching as far as Russia and the CIS countries. There are plenty of reasons to study the Chinese language: the development of private business and the economy in China, developing trade and industrial relations, cheap and long-term education of China, rich culture and history of the country, a huge most spoken language in the world. For yourself, you can choose any way of learning the Chinese language (courses, tutors, books, Web sites, as well as training in China), but first you must decide to study it. If you will communicate with their Chinese partners using only the spoken language, you still should not take up the study of hieroglyphics, as is likely, all documents will be drawn up in Russian or English. However, if you are going to study in higher educational institutions of China, you just need along with the vocabulary and phonetics begin to learn Chinese characters and practice their writing.

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