It important is to understand what their goals and objectives in social media and how they relate with your company’s objectives in general. Keep them specific, measurable, achievable, realistic / relevant and timely (smart objectives). 2.Investiguen, investigate rather than jump into the pool on social media without thinking anything, is very important to research the market for good results. To create effective strategies of social media is therefore important to perform the first step, the research of excellent way. * Draw up a list of sites about social media in which it can potentially relate to people. The list most likely could start with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, select groups and foros.* to observe each on social media sites that are on your list, and do further research to determine relevance searching for our own brand, your competitors and keywords of the market in question. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sage Intaact Advantage is the place to go. Listen to what there is out of the market, identifiquen and understand your target audience.

3 Generate Content of interest and contacts when social media is done correctly, the relationships are built naturally. Start by making connections following the conversation. You can do this by subscribing to blogs in your industry and making a list of influential people who are relevant to your business. This is more practical when it is time to offer content in their social networks. Read the excellent article by Emily Proctor, which offers some excellent tips on effective strategies of social media content. 4 Join the talks to develop relations now is the time to start to make use of all the investigations that have been done. You can already start to join the talks through the publication of comments on blogs and forums, answering questions on Yahoo! and LinkedIn, joining groups related to your industry and Twitter chats. It begins development of relations following those that influence our industry.


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