Live Marketing

Live marketing news 2008 year 2008 begins for Moya entertainment with a very good order situation. The company won in cooperation with the Fa.Padio Vodafone as a new client to do so. “Spirit up your life Tour 2008” builds the Bochum with the Vodafone – live marketing agency their position in the market further off. With the opening of the first nationwide live marketing shops, Moya entertainment for customers will be even more attractive. According to owner Manuel Moya (interview) “the order is successfully standardized live marketing actions as simple as order a pizza.” Thus, this unique project was developed in cooperation with the Dusseldorf firm of Indoctrin. More customers from the telecommunications followed. (MobilCom and arcor).

Also could win different Moya entertainment advertising communities as a new client. 2006 and 2007 Moya entertainment led the new openings for Mac cheap (nationwide ca. 240 branches) by. But in the fashion world, actions are no longer unknown Moya entertainment live marketing. The fashion business Walker recorded in 2006 Sales increases of up to 400% on days of live marketing actions. (Source: clerks Aachen, Mr. Kilian) MJM

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