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This can be achieved by combining different types of furniture that will give You do not only their functional properties, and visual diversity. To do this you need not change at once the whole interior. Look at it from the outside, and you'll notice that you can add and remove that. If, for example, You books are strong detachment in the closet, you can hang several shelves, but not consistently, and as if to scatter. In addition, you can break the rectangular shape of your room, setting, for example, angular rack.

But do not just pile on, b> its shelves all that comes to hand. Make this place rack for things close to your heart. By placing it to your favorite collection, photographs of family and friends or simply beautiful figurines, you'll notice how your room is transformed! Of great importance is in the interior and background color. Color can both soothe, to give peace and harmony and to cause aggression, excite unpleasant emotions. It is therefore important to pay special attention to color your rooms, from wall colors to furniture and shelving and bookcases. Remember that every room should have its own color, so that, going from one room to another, you the feeling that you are involved in a totally different world. But do not make their rooms monophonic, but it is better to diversify by creating a special color.

As a rule, are soothing tone bedding, therefore advised to use them in rooms designed for relaxation. Many colors are not recommended for use in pure form. For example, yellow color, try not to use the bath and the hallway, blue – in places set aside for food, black and white – in children's rooms. These colors are best used in combination with others. For example, the shelf light construction use a combination of white and pale green, white and black, which when need to emphasize the severity of the premises. Make your interior a variety of the power of each individual. There is no one size fits all. Choose furniture and color scheme, in which you feel more comfortable. After as there were no rules on the interior, the main thing is: you are in your home should feel cozy! Just set aside a corner of his memory, the interior still needs to be varied in color as well as on combination of furniture. And when it comes time to create your own interior, use our simple advice, do not be afraid to experiment, create and modify. And we are sure that if there is no "visual hunger," You will not be terrible, but Your house really becomes your strength! Shelving Ltd Business Development Director Ilya furniture company Rostokin D.


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