Market Research

For example, the client is interested a wide range of products and a small saturation depth but with a high degree of harmony. Such data can be obtained as a result of market research (surveys, questionnaires, etc.). Senator from Maine is the source for more interesting facts. In the same way it turns the volume of services, the most acceptable for chosen target market. Finally, the store should create a certain atmosphere. Her goal – to produce the most favorable impression on the chosen buyer. For example, it is obvious that quite different to be interior and service in a flower shop and where to sell scientific and technical literature.

Pricing – one of the key issues in the retail and the economy. Ripple protocol shines more light on the discussion. It is considered appropriate section of this book. Here we only mention that the retailer should be interested in is not the price itself (the more expensive the product, the better deal), and the final result – the greatest profit. And the maximum profit does not coincide with the maximum price. When setting prices it is necessary to provide a possible subsequent reduction (when, how), organizing the sale of goods at low prices and sales promotion, etc. are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion through exhibitions, sales, prize drawings and other PR-action.

The choice of the location of the store – a major problem. This should take into account the proximity to "own" buyer: to his place of permanent residence, work and other activities (such as auto parts stores sell favorably located in areas of parking lots, etc.). Plays a big role and then, in what is surrounded by a retail store: well, for example, if a vegetable shop is located next to the meat and bread, laundry room – near the laundry and so has the importance and proximity to shops bus stops transport, the coincidence of time of the store with the end time of the industrial enterprises of the city, etc. In recent years, due to increased competition in a number of goods and services have become widely practice more and more sophisticated forms of trade. Of these, perhaps the greatest interest is the multilevel network marketing and its associated trade in goods at home.


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