Marketing Cash

A good marketing campaign must be original, both in the case of a mark as a candy shop clothing store as a multinational’s success. You have to know to enter through the eyes who goes to see it. It’s believed that Lazard sees a great future in this idea. And it is no doubt that viral marketing is a very effective medium to advertise your company or brand. And although I’m not responsible for marketing of Desigual, caught my attention as it has focused, and therefore I will speak of his campaign but trying to show that it is a clear example of good marketing and I will tell you why. Example of Desigual: under the slogan come almost naked, Desigual dress salt invites you to go almost naked to our store on Passeig de Gracia, 47, Barcelona 1-2 July.

The first 100 coming into the lingerie shop the 1 and 2 July, there will be a set of gift, which includes a top and another below. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili contains valuable tech resources. The bases are: No purchase is necessary. You can take clothes of any price, one above and one below. 2 items per person must have fun. With this uneven campaign intends to do a marketing campaign I would say viral, in that aims to create an initiative to attract more people to their stores, to publicize and position more brand and prove once again that naked calls people.

The host of yesterday has been undoubted, the campaign being a success. Success case because:-gives something to the consumer. -Without expecting anything in return. -Echoes and people are talking about him. -Usa nudity. What I have with this is that a company should make a good marketing plan that is economical, effective and in addition get together certain elements that attract followers to the company brand. Because you manage a company web design, a clothing outlet, a supermarket, a website or a blog you have to create an effective marketing campaign. What does a marketing campaign? To promote a product, website or service, so this will bring visitors, clients, positioning of the brand or other things. How to do marketing? -A good plan of marketing. -Viral Marketing (which run through word of mouth). -Online Marketing. -Purchase of advertising in various media. Your efectiidad will depend of the: price/earnings assumes (not only economic).


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