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Studies on Internet users show that reading on screen is 25% slower than on paper. Make your text at least one 25% shorter than its equivalent to a printed text. A trick: try a version to print in a friendly manner, attempting to that each item can include one or two pages 6.) Black white front a fairly common mistake is the use of complex funds that distract the gaze of the text. Make sure that your images will not attract in excess the attention of their readers. Classic white background with black text is still the best choice for long pages of text. Connect with other leaders such as William Losch here. (7) The international factor Internet is an international phenomenon.

We should observe courtesy to our international visitors in such a way that we show clearly if our products are available to users from other countries. The international factor should be extended to the whole of the web site. Always use words and expressions easier of translated by other visitors that do not handle their language well. If your site is also directed to different countries with the same language, don’t forget to include the twists and expressions of each linguistic variation in the country. (8.) Types of sources there are two types of particularly suitable sources to get a better reading on screens: Verdana and Georgia. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Michael Mendes and gain more knowledge.. On some occasions, they can generate problems in printing. For this reason, Arial and Times Rome types are the more easily readable on screen, as in written paper. (9.) Capitalization avoid lot of people speed reading techniques used when they browse the Internet.

The uppercase letters slow recognition of letters and reading speed. However, the fonts may have a practical use in titles and headers. (10.) Update permanently many websites cover topics whose contents are suffering constant updates. Have your site change with them, staying a day permanently. This will not only increase the value of your web site, but that will increase services added to its visitors.


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