Marketing Surveys

Presented a statistical portrait is based on a marketing survey of 68 representatives of the profession in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. In total, respondents identified more than 80 marketers, but rather because marketers busy people, as a result of complete interview, suitable for analysis, there are only 63. As a result, a portrait of the average respondent is as follows: This is a woman 25-30 years old, has a degree in marketing, management or economics, working marketer for more than 3 years. She is married and has an 8-hour day. This is the profile of marketing is most common in our city. And now, in detail.

Paul. In absolute values women marketing to 14% more than men. Age. Age categories are as follows – the majority of marketers are under 30 years of age. 31.7% – up to 25 years and 36.5 – 26 to 30.

This is not surprising, since it was 5-7 years ago there was a demand for these professionals and it was clear what should be engaged in marketing, why is it needed in the enterprise and who can lay claim to this place. The youngest marketer – 19 years old, the adult – 47 years. Position. Specialists (not with subordinates) is 55.6% of the sample, the leaders – 41.3%. Education. 97% of marketers have higher education, among them 3% – candidate of science, the remaining 3% – secondary technical education. Marketing profile education have 30% of marketers, 16.5% received additional training (courses, short training programs, etc.). Marital status. Not married 51% of respondents. Working day. Most marketers are working 8 hours a Day – 74%, long working hours in 18% and 8% indicate that other options (9, 10 hours, flexible schedule, etc.) Formation of the marketing environment. According to the number of mutual advice can say that a professional environment not formed – there is no clear opinion leaders, recognized authorities at the municipal level, there is no nucleus around which would be formed and developed environment. Scored only four in marketing, referred to three times more. What authorities exist for our professionals, whom they consider important personas in marketing, we know one of the following stages of investigation. More detailed results of the study – comparing the subsamples "The leaders of professionals," "Men-women" can be requested from marketing agency Marketing Drive


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