Masai Mara

The large wheat fields back now closer to the reserve and constrict the Masai Mara with her thus strongly declining wild stocks more and more. To know more about this subject visit Nina Devlin. Probably the Northern Mara will have come in 20 years probably under the plough. But what bankers or commercial Spekulaten interest already Nature reserves. This desire will make well before the Masai Mara, Serengeti, not stop the northern part of the world natural heritage. Only one is thereby sure the Masai Mara, dies she pulls the entire Serengeti ecosystem known in its current form and biodiversity with. Above all the currently existing more than 2 million wildebeest can cover their huge feed needs only by they completely go through the Serengeti ecosystem during one year about 2,000 kilometres in search of fresh grass.

If the Masai Mara for about three months in the year as a food reservoir of this large ungulate herds in the Serengeti ecosystem, it will lead to a gigantic population collapse, perhaps even only 20% of the current stock levels in these animals. The large predator populations in the Serengeti ecosystem would thus probably be delivered today elsewhere usual species extinction. We people in the Western civilization will watch even it again sorry, because we are so used to it hundreds of million years of evolution for a few quick dollars to sacrifice. We did always so. We can see us lions and other wild animals in the Zoo.

Those born in captivity for generations and totally degenerate animals have only the name and the look of nearly nothing however with their relatives living in the wild together -! Still, there are enough Lions in the Maasai Mara and Simba will do probably its best effort for it that it is also provisionally so. We will see his great-grandchildren but barely. I don’t think that the negative development in the Maasai Mara is still effectively stop or turn back. Would have to ensure a return of people to the actual values of their existence and their environment. The current economic crisis shows that this will not happen. Here is ripped off again farther, as if nothing were happening. The whole at the expense of the general public, in particular at the expense of the so-called third world and of course at the expense of our nature and. Environment. Almost all be more true to the motto of Madame Pompadour after us the deluge. And she came, those flood summoned up! You can read how it proceeded and ended, in the history books about the French Revolution.

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