Material Wealth

Why would someone with a birthday awash in material wealth, and someone wants only himself? Or very bad – growing up in an orphanage or homeless on the street … How to be born into a wealthy family? 🙂 Is this lottery, or all the same pattern? Why? Once again, WHY was born in yonder Rich family, he has everything, he always fed, clothed, have any cars, even all the girls and the other has nothing, except one – a strong desire to have it all! The worst thing about it – when poor man becomes a carrier of hatred and resentment of the rich! I decided to answer this question citing the metaphor: the Eagle, or Tails? That is exactly what we are born – the people? At first glance, this is pure lottery, but only at first sight! If look in more detail, it becomes clear that planted the coin up, every time behaves differently for a reason! Coin is subject to common law of attraction – gravity. 1. She pulls down gravity. 2. Each of your throw different force, tilt, speed … 3. On the coin affects wind, density, humidity and even rain, if it exists.

From all this we can see that the result of which side of the coin will fall on your hand = set of all factors together. From this simple conclusion – this is NOT LOTOREYA! This is an absolute law! According to the ancient Vedas is known that each person has a karma. Karma – financial activities for the sake of enjoying its fruits, and the consequences of this activity. Note the word 'impact'! For all have to answer! It is these consequences of each person are put into a list of factors that determine how a family man born. The way the man lived in his past life, what actions performed, depends where and by whom it is born in the next life. All the law and clear rules.

Advanced achievement without struggle the way, your actions today determine not only that, but what you generally can no longer be born in the material world. If in your life you will achieve the desired level of awareness in practice, then perhaps you do not potrebutesya born on Earth and undergo evolution (of the Soul, consciousness, not the body). You choose: to go into the kingdom of God (antimaterialny world), or to be born on any planet of the galaxy, in what you want. 🙂

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