Michael Bauer

The debt crisis of many European countries and a partial weakening economy encourage many investors to put their capital in real estate. Continue to learn more with: Google. “And so the press describes the current situation in the German real estate market as a veritable run on residential and commercial buildings with the boom this triggered, as regards the demand.” It is obvious, that the largest share of the condos, which were bought in the last one or two years, increasingly falling on homes as an investment. Many investors take flight literally in the asset value, which particularly affect in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, since here a positive economic and socio-demographic development is expected. As an investor, you should be very attentive with the offers because so many project turns out to an afterthought as second class, and in regard to the promised return as not really interesting,”says Michael Bauer, a real estate businessman from Berlin. He advises: you want real estate as long term and serving the pension investment purchase, you should first make concessions with the possible return and the location look closely at, whether here over the next few years a recognizable rental market is or not. Against this background, class B locations could be sometimes more interesting than you’d think. Experts recommend at this point time and again the direct price comparison of Internet portals.

Notice, for example, that many homes are offered to comparatively fair conditions even after months and find no buyers yet, something with the site could be wrong generally. Here caution is presented.” Many real estate agents draw attention to another aspect: then was entirely logical if people are looking for real estate in their environment, if they want to inhabit it yourself. “In investments, this was however, if necessary, completely different: Here you should take away from the idea that business is local”, but rationally determine the best locations.

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