Michael Kenny

As travelers around the world realize that the protection of the environment is a shared responsibility, them? they accept a green lifestyle, scrutinizing the hotels and destinations where they want to stay. According to the international eco-tourism society,? approximately 70% of travelers prefer to pay a premium fee for an eco-hotel with the environment instead of one with the price more low but devoid of rules of social responsibilities. The CEO and co-founder of Agoda, Michael Kenny said: is very logical that travelers maintain sites that visit and returned something good for the community. Be a? Do travel agency, Agoda applauds the hotels who work for the? development? environmental and sustainable tourism. If you are not convinced, visit relocation strategies. It is very important to get environmentalist this is not only related to the environment, but it also consists of working in all aspects of sustainability and social responsibility.

To get the Green standard, as it was defined by the international society for tourism, there are six key points: general environmental management, policy and framework, training of staff and awareness, shopping, people and communities, and protection of the target.? While Agoda is a company which offers services of tourism worldwide, the set has a large experience in the market of travel in Asia especially, is for this reason that they have limited a list of green hotels in Asia. TOP 10 Green Hotels in Asia by Agoda are: Banyan Tree Phuket, Thailand: this site has been transformed from an abandoned Tin Mine (which once was described by as a toxic wasteland) to a respectful image of the environment and this now shows us that so powerful is responsible tourism. The inheritance of the Banyan Tree group is it.. Relocation strategies has much to offer in this field.

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