Moscow International Motor Show

At the Moscow International Motor Show, Hyundai Solaris awarded the title of the concept and called RB. Despite the similarity of all the statements from the Korean model Accent seen with the naked eye. Hyundai Solaris – it is adapted for Russia, Hyundai Verna (Accent) the last of the fourth generation, first demonstrated in 2010. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ernst & Young Global Limited. In early summer, Hyundai offered to choose the best name for a new model designed specifically for the Russian market. The competition attracted more than 27 thousand people who chose the five proposed options: i25, Solaris, Spirit, iD and Axis.

As a result, participants chose the name Solaris, reminiscent of Stanislaw Lem's novel and film by Andrei Tarkovsky. All new Hyundai models after sales in the country, usually fall in the markets of China and the United States and then in other countries. Hyundai Solaris in this sense is unique in that the domestic Korean market is still sold the previous (third) generation of Verna, a new fourth-generation first appeared in China under the name of Verna, then in Russia under the name Solaris, and only then will the United States under the name of Hyundai Accent 2012. The fact that Solaris will appear in Russia earlier than in America, shows the importance attached to this model, Hyundai in Russia. In Russian interpretations differ from Solaris bumper and headlights. Korean automaker Hyundai announced a plan of car production at new factory in St. Petersburg. The next year will release 105,000 vehicles in 2012 – 150 000 cars.

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