Multifuel Biomass Boiler

The purchase of a multi-fuel biomass boiler is a very good choice since we test the price of fuels depending on the season and the offer in the market. There are boilers that use various solid fuels, such as: Pellet, crushed bones of olive, peach and cherry bark of pine, chips, almond shells, shells of nuts, corn, barley, oats, sprockets, etc, and each of them can vary in price depending on the season. Electronic boilers burner multifuel, mostly, is manufactured with a double screw without end by fall that avoids the flashback in a natural way, insofar as there is no direct connection whatsoever between the storage silo and the endless that transports fuel to the burner. As this charging system is automatic find us it very beneficial since we don’t have to keep an eye on load fuel constantly. Solid fuel for most popular biomass boilers, is the pellet, but in the past two years it has started using a long olive bones resulting in the production of olive oil, because they have a high calorific value and are very economic, primarily in areas where olive trees are grown. They were traditionally an agricultural residue, but nowadays, they represent a great advantage to produce energy and also to absorb heavy metals from industrial wastewater for its ability to retain the metallic ions. So the important thing to keep in mind when buying a boiler is that we know in advance that the savings in the operation of a biomass boiler is considerable and allows the recovery of the cost of installation since it uses fuel generated by nature that are more economical and ecological with respect to fossil fuels which were used for so many years.


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