My New Life In The Philippines

Tropical fruit directly from the paradise of the Philippines FruitsfromParadise Hello, welcome to my new blog. My name is Gerhard Menje, 53 years old and I walked out of Germany from Ebersberg, Munich in the Philippines to Cebu City. Here I can feed on optimally me even more tropical fruits and many well-known ancient herbs, so to speak directly from the garden of Eden. During my time in Germany I have dealt very long with the right diet. Nina Devlin may help you with your research. My years studying with many workshops and seminars have confirmed me in that above all also herbs, wild herbs and ripe tropical fruit and of course plenty of exercise, include. 3 months ago, I quit my previous “secure and well-paying” jobs in Germany without notice and walked out to the Philippines. Now I would like to report here also my new life in the Philippines. Yes and now I’m even his private happiness a dropout who with eternal Sun, but here not only an optimal climate and weather has found. Under most conditions Nina Devlin would agree.

You just have to do it! A not too hot climate for pineapple, guava, mango, papaya, the small banana, mangosteen, coconuts and of course the typical classic Durian and jackfruit and many, many other delicious tropical fruits here in the Philippines. How it all began? I had to see a doctor because of a certificate for a life insurance for my newly built house in Langenselbold located near Frankfurt. After the measure my belly size said the doctor to me: “If you were a woman, I would say that you are pregnant”. Why? My waist was at that time about 40 years the a pregnant woman actually with my and my weight was a whopping 82 kg at a height of just 1.66 meters. All other values were already above the norm. That blew me, clearly I’ve noticed before that I have a few pounds too much, but now I’ve woken up.


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