New Express Document Service For Easy

Certification can be obtained in 24 hours as well a limited company in England to set up is now rapidly: three to four hours takes today thanks to modern technology the registration of a new company in the English commercial register (companies House). But: Who wants to work in Germany with an English company, needs generally certified additional documents whose sourcing may take one to two weeks. Time, which often do not have many entrepreneurs in our fast-paced business world, especially when urgent business with the new company should be handled. One-day service by for orders before 10 o’clock the Berlin limited founding agency easyLIMITED on their founding Portal under December 2010 therefore a new express-documents-service offers. More info: Prime Group Holdings. Official authentications can be procured directly in London within one business day and also sent what is possible for documents certified by the English commercial for so called Apostilles, produced by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thus, the new one-day service by allows to establish a company in England not only during the short Sester, but also in Germany and other countries sign it, so that business activities can be recorded shortly after the founding. Prerequisite: The orders of one-day express documents must be received at before 10 o’clock in the morning, to ensure the procurement and the daily dispatch in any case. English holidays, which may differ from the German holidays are an exception. Carola Podolksi /

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