No Blood For Oil

Users praise environmental consultancy offering of an electronic search companion in Dublin, Ireland, July 13, 2007 that the consumers on the information provided of earlier this year launched Internet portal top car are reactions to judge quite positively by a wave of user feedback. The user commented especially on the environmental aspects of motor vehicles, which focuses on the portal. While referring to the cancellation of a major of feedback, granted the top cars competitions as a means of customer acquisition, some visitors declared also their sympathies about the environmental campaign by top car The creators had enriched top car with details about the fuel consumption of motor vehicles. In this way it is possible to integrate consumption figures of le before you choose one of the offers in their purchase planning users.

A rather enthusiastic visitors to the portal emphasised the potential for improvement, the environmental campaign by top car for the world political situation holds. The designs of this visitor according to the dependence of the world economy from the constant fuel supply for many international conflicts is responsible. Therefore, political conflict potential to reduce this dependency could be reduced through fuel-saving cars. Although the Marketing Department of top car it is considered unlikely, you forward according to a spokesman of the enthusiasm of consumers. Instead of a conflict barometer, however the makers plan to introduce a calculator for the fuel consumption of different le in different versions. So, the already existing database with data regarding the consumption will be added and stressed its importance. The developers of top car reflected confident, however, in view of the positive feedback in regard to the appeal of the portal. In this regard, the spokesman told with the search engine experts from top car are looking for new partners under the automobile dealers, to the range the search masks to enlarge.

As one of the latest creations of the European network of vertical domains, the electronic search companion testifies to the general consumer orientation of the network. In the year 2007 alone, the team of passionate Internet experts of madness launched 35 new Internet portals to assist consumers with a guide for information presented on the Internet, products and services to the side. The offered range of Portal extends, however, across Europe, from Spain and France via Italy and the UK to Holland and Germany. Learn more on the subject from Jeffrey Leiden. Since end of 2003 manages and implements the activities of madness go advertising limited, Dublin.

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