Nor A Professional At Lyoness

Erik Lehner enriched the eBiz team as Deputy of Director since April 2009 you can with Lyoness in online shopping conveniently from home from the many Lyoness benefits cost. Bernhard Koch, Managing Director of Lyoness eBiz GmbH with headquarters in Graz, enabled with its outstanding idea and his energetic efforts in addition to the cashback card and the original vouchers Lyoness partners this third grocer for Lyoness. Erik Lehner to support optimally and internationally the eBiz team this year. His main task will be to continue to optimize the online space for Lyoness. This guarantees an automatic Lyoness customer recognition customers with outstanding tracking technology immediately upon entry to the online shops and the usual remuneration of the negotiated purchase discounts on the usual shopping account. While Bernhard Koch is driving forward the expansion in the United States in addition to his CEO, focus on the administrative and operational responsibilities related to Europe by Lehner Building a pan-European dealer network, the start of an own Lyoness affiliate program and the coordination of all international networks such as TradeDoubler, zanox, and more.

Lehner is a professional with lots of experience in the areas of performance online marketing and e-commerce, efficient and suitable for business using his knowledge, the CV can be already suspect: after graduating in business administration in Vienna the road led to Munich, in the Centre of the former Internet-start-up movement of in Germany in the ISAR Valley. Followed by City Center five years in senior position of LCC24 AG, the common portal of 300 Deutsche Lufthansa. The reason for the return to the homeland was just as tempting as conducive to career: TradeDoubler, Europe’s leading performance online marketing companies, brought Lehner as Managing Director to Vienna, to establish an additional branch in addition to its 17 existing subsidiaries. Thus the expansion of Lyoness in other countries and online business continue to actively move forward and work to the satisfaction of the customer, opts for one with Erik Lehner in the future another strong member of Lyoness eBiz GmbH. Well-known companies and top brands such as, for example, OTTO, universal, La Redoute, and baby-walz can continue to count on a perfect service and a successful cooperation. Lyoness customers will forward to countless actions in 2010 and double benefit with Lyoness.


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